I'm J. Rhoda Evangelene, From Anna nagar,chennai, Currently residing in the UK. 
After entering the cooking world and experimenting with new recipes, Cooking has become a great passion for me. 
This site has a collection of all my cooking experiments n implementations  and the recipes that have been given to me by my mum,
friends and relatives.Some recipes are illustrated in the traditional way while others are modified according to our tastes and health issues. 
The explanation may not be professional but it is  explained in a simple way.
I am indebted to my Husband Jerald,(for his technical and moral support ) , my parents, my in laws and my friends for their kind co-operation ,support and encouragement. I hope these recipes will be useful to you and surely help to improve your cooking. 
So I encourage you to try out all the recipes and share your cooking ideas, recipes, simple tips and other suggestions through comments and mails